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Mattia is a music professional specialising in

electronic music production and sound design

based in London.He has been passionate about

sound and music since he was

a child.He achieved a first-class degree in

“Music and Sound Design” at London South Bank


This experience enhanced his knowledge in the

musical field and technology using D.A.W. such

as Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic Pro X and FMOD

Studio, but also provided the possibility of

placing his skills in many audio projects for

films and video games.

In September 2022 he completed his field of

study  with the accomplishment of the “MMus

Sonic Arts” at Goldsmiths University of

London,an opportunity for him to explore a

wide range of creative approaches

to studio-based music, including fixed-media

composition,  improvisation systems, sound

art installation and composition for


Mattia is an electronic music producer under 

the alias of M.F.S: Observatory for the techno

scene and Tia - Mellow for ambient and

electronic music.

He had releases on several essential records

labels in the sector, and He had the honour to

collaborate with many established artists such

as Maya Jane Coles.

He also performs as a musician and D.J. and

He is the owner, co-founder and manager of

Observatory Music (Techno Label).

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In the depths of the Techno underground, M.F.S: Observatory is a guiding force, leading listeners on a subversive journey through techno realms. The artist, synonymous with pushing boundaries, has etched a unique identity with releases on well-respected labels like Second State, Diffuse Reality, I/AM/ME, and Kneaded Pains. Based in London, techno producer Mattia Turchetti, is the mastermind behind M.F.S: Observatory and the Observatory Music. M.F.S: Observatory thrives on raw and deep techno, showcased in the latest chapter of his journey where Mattia crafts beats live in his studio, transcending the ordinary DJ sets and giving his fans a peek into his production process. Mattia's natural style in the booth has resonated in hotspots like Sisyphos (Berlin), Barcelona, Amsterdam, Helsinki, London and Italy, transforming dancefloors into electric landscapes for the underground community to embrace hypnotic beats. Here's to the unfolding chapters of M.F.S: Observatory, an artist navigating the sonic underground with an unwavering commitment to the subversive essence of techno.

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Mattia Turchetti


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